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Simple Tips And Tricks To Wipe Away Stains From Leather Furniture

Angelina Orona 0

A leather sofa, just these three simple words bring to mind a rich feel, a comfortable feel, and a luxurious feel. There is nothing cozier than buttery soft leather furniture. It is not just the texture and a comfy sense that makes relaxing on a leather sofa or chair so exotic. It is the scent; it is the tactile feel. It is an immersion of all senses. But, with these positives comes a very high negative. A leather furniture lasts long only if it is adequately maintained with the best leather conditioner. Assuming that because it is leather and, therefore, durable is foolhardy. Even high-quality leather is prone to wear and tear. And once frayed, there are few chances it can be repaired through guides on To prolong the life of furniture upkeep is essential. If not to keep it in tip-top condition, then to ensure that the distinctive smell of leather is not lost. Leather is very absorbent. This means that with everyday use the chairs and couches absorb grime, dust and natural oils from human fingertips. All this builds up and settles inside the leather. Wiping them with a wet cloth is not enough. It is not that simple to clean leather. Such techniques, like damp cloth, will dry out the leather by seeping out the natural oils and make it crack. Here, we give you a few tip and tricks to clean out stains from your precious leather furniture. • Dark stains like food spills or blood drops from finger cuts are very regular. They are easy to clean too. All one needs is to make a paste of lemon juice and cream of tartar, both have to be in 1:1 ratio, i.e., one part each. After making the mixture, spread it on the stain, liberally and leave it for ten minutes. During this time make a cleaning solution with water and vinegar. Now dip a microfiber cloth into the cleaning liquid and wipe off the paste. • Grease stains are also common on furniture, especially couches that are in front of the TV. We tend to munch on snacks while watching television, staining our fingertips with grease. This grease is then transferred to the furniture. To clean such marks, sprinkle it with either baking soda or cornstarch. Leave the stain for a few hours to set the baking soda. After an hour or two, dust off the cornstarch or soda. Do not apply water to the stain at all! • It will be rare that leather furniture has ink stains, but it does happen. The simplest way to clean it is to pip a q-tip in rubbing alcohol and then rub it on the stain. • For households that have children, furniture can mysteriously have permanent marker lines and newspaper print marks. To clean these stains spray them with aerosol hairspray, lightly. Wipe the spray away using a microfiber cloth to remove the marks. Always test a small spot on the furniture before using any of these hacks!

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