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These Toys Will Make Your Pet Rat Very Happy

Angelina Orona 0

Just like any other pet, rats are mischievous and playful. There are a number of ways to keep them happy and active. For pet rat owners, Rat Central gives detailed information on the ways to keep rats happy, safe and secure. Just like, a site for pet cats and dogs, Rat Central will tell you what to feed a pet rat, how to take care of it and train it. Because buying toys from a store can weigh on the wallet heavily, here we discuss a few inexpensive methods to make toys at home to keep a pet rat entertained and always lively. The key point to keep in mind when building or buying toys for a pet is safety. The toy or plaything should not be toxic to the rat; it should not be made of tiny parts that can be choked on or block the tract. Material like ropes and some fabric have small threads that are a strangulation hazard for rats. Choosing toys made of fleece is a good option.

Shredding Paper The easiest toy to make for a pet rat is paper. All rats love to tear apart paper. It makes for a good, safe option as a plaything. Because paper is versatile, it can be used to make different varieties of toys too. Crumple up a bunch of paper to make a ball. Piling up paper can be turned into a bed for the pet. Filling up a box or bin with torn paper or just strips of crumpled paper can make a good cave-like structure that can be used by the pet to dig and hide in. If the aim is to keep things basic and simple use brown paper bags, paper towels and tissues. They can be used by the pet rat to shred for a long time. If the goal is to keep an intelligent mind engaged, while passing time, try wrapping a treat in a tissue paper. After shredding the paper, the rat will become busy unwrapping the treat and savoring it.

Nutty Treats The double advantage of hard shell nuts for pet rats is that they make for incredible treats and good toys. The hard shell ensures that the rat has a good time trying to chew through it to get to the treat inside. Once they break open the shell, they get to enjoy the delicious snack. Keep in mind nuts are high in fats, so they should be used as toys or snacks in moderation.

Teething Wood Wood that is not treated not painted and toxicity safe makes for a good chewing toy for pet rats. It keeps their teeth sharp and in shape. Wood from trees like apple or willow is good options. The only important subject to be aware of while choosing wood as a toy is that it should be pesticide free.

Besides these cardboard boxes, rolls and sheets from paper tissue boxes or toilet paper rolls make for excellent toys for pet rats. They are easy to find at home and don’t require any effort on your part.

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